Open Water

95th Annual International Exhibition

Nov 1 2020 – Jan 31,  2021

The Canadian Society Of Painters In Water Colour

On behalf of the Canadian Society of Painters In Watercolour I would like to thank you for visiting our 2020 Open Water Exhibition.  We are extremely pleased with the response to this year’s exhibition.  We had over 350 entries from around the world, including Canada, The United States, China, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates.

This exhibition showcases the incredible variety of styles, subject matters and techniques that make watercolour the unique and special medium that it is.  Open Water 2020 features 62 of the world’s best watercolourists.

Again thanks for looking at the show.  We know you will be inspired by the works that you are about to see.

Rex Beanland


Exhibition Chair

Open Water, 2020

On behalf of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour I wish to thank all of our sponsors for their continued and generous support of our national watercolour exhibition.  The gracious contributions allow the CSPWC to encourage artists from across the country and beyond to develop a creative and personal expression with watercolour.  It also permits us to nurture and recognize an excellence in the handling of watercolour and water-based media with these significant awards.

We are grateful for your continued support of Open Water.


Jean Pederson

C.S.P.W.C. President

2020 GRAND PRIX: INTERNATIONAL PAINT IN-PLACE2020 Grand Prix: International Paint In-Place

Visions Adjoin

NWS/CSPWC Watermedia Exchange Exhibition

National Diploma Collection

Dear Members,

We have some very important news for you concerning our National Diploma Collection  which you are an important part of.   As we enter our 95th year, we were presented with an opportunity to re-photograph the entire Diploma Collection of over 400 of our past and present members.

The CSPWC ‘s National Diploma Collection has been held at PAMA,  The Peel Art Gallery, Museum  and Archives in Brampton Ontario since 1995. ( ) Under the direction of a new curator at PAMA, it was decided that our Collection could no longer be cared for as it deserved to be due in part to its extremely large size and need for storage space.  The CSPWC has made some progress looking for a new, permanent home for the works of art. More news to come on that front.

Prior to moving all the paintings we were afforded the opportunity to bring in a photographer of our choice to document each and every piece.  Mr. Manny Martins of Brampton spent 4 days photographing the pieces with the assistance of staff members of PAMA and several CSPWC volunteers under the supervision of Marlene Madole, CSPWC Past President and PAMA liaison. 

We now have a high resolution photo of each piece.  In addition to the photography, there will be other costs incurred for us to relocation the collection. Some expenses are still unknown, but costs we can anticipate will include moving costs, insurance, short-term storage etc.  For now, we are looking to raise some funds to cover the costs of the photography session that took place in January.

Further to this, we have established the “Collection Collection”.   This will be your way of supporting the Diploma Collection and allowing us to raise some of the extra cost we will be facing this year.

We are asking that each member donate $10 towards covering the cost of photographing their own painting, and also $10 to cover the cost of a past member, who is no longer with us.  For your $20 donation you will be helping to ensure the future viability of the Collection by the CSPWC.  With the new high resolution images we will be able to update our website and prepare new promotional materials about the society and its significant historic Diploma Collection.   In return, we will email you are tax receipt for your donation along with your digital image.

We know this Collection is a vital part of our history and we know you will want us to continue to preserve it.   We thank you for your interest and support.   You may make your donation by cheque or on-line at our website 

Details to donate by mail:  Send your cheque to CSPWC Diploma Collection – 80 Birmingham St. B3, Etobicoke ON M8V 3W6   Payable to CSPWC.

Details for online donation: – Home Page make a donation or under News and Admin./Payments.

Thank you.