Board of Directors

President: Rayne Tunley

1st Vice-President: Jean Pederson

2nd Vice-President: Vacant

Past President: William Rogers

Directors at Large:

Gill Cameron

Vera Bobson

Alan Brain

Garry Hamilton

Peter Marsh

Micheal Zarowsky

Regional Directors:

Eastern Ontario:  Robert Shackles

Central Ontario: Lin Souliere

Northern Ontario: Ellen Catherwood

Western Ontario: vacant

British Columbia: Sam Boehner

Alberta/Prairies: Rex Beanland

Quebec: Murielle LeBlanc

Atlantic Canada: Nora Gross

Administrator: Anita Cotter


The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC) was founded in 1925 by some of the most illustrious artists in Canadian art history who passionately believed in the importance of watercolour as a medium. The CSPWC encourages experimentation while honouring the transparent tradition of the medium.

With a strong base of volunteers, the CSPWC:

  • honours excellence in watercolour through Open Water an annual juried exhibition with major awards, open to all artists.
  • presents regional, national and international exhibitions of work by members.
  • organizes workshops and demonstrations across the country.
  • collects contemporary and historical Canadian watercolours.
  • Education is an important part of our mandate. Since 1991 we have been sponsoring Awards for Excellence in Watercolour at Colleges of Art & Design in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta. There is also the Ethel Racius Award available at the high school level.


CSPWC meeting in the Library of the Grange, Toronto c. 1932.

Left to right: Joachim Gauthier, Franklin Carmichael, A.J.Casson, Thomas W. MacLean and Conyers Barker.

Photograph by Charles Comfort.