Education – Responding to the Landscape

Uma Kelkar, CSPWC
A live-streamed ONLINE watercolour demonstration

Learn how to let what you see in the landscape guide your hand in expressive brushwork.

December 10, 2022 1-3 pm EST

Recording available until February 10, 2023. Tickets must be purchased before December 10, 2022.

Member cost $20, Non-Member cost $25

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to paint a countryside full of detail? Learn how to edit what you see, by first responding to the main shapes before adding only the most necessary smaller details.

Watch as Uma Kelkar paints a colour-rich Californian scene of rolling hills. Uma will simplify the landscape into two main shapes; the sky and verdant grasslands.

Learn from the choices Uma makes as she explains the justification for each decision along the way. Uma advises ”The choice of a simple scene allows painters to focus their major attention on the action of paint on the paper and minor attention to drawing and details”

Learn how to balance the demands of the landscape before you with the demanding nature of watercolour paint.

What will you learn from this demonstration?

  • How to plan and execute a direct watercolour painting, with little or no underlying pencil work
  • How to speak out loud your plan before touching brush to paper
  • How to divide the painting into manageable sections, i.e. into shapes or planes
  • How to be open to editing on the fly: you will hear Uma’s thinking as she makes choices throughout the painting process
  • To accept that your painting may have to go through an awkward and unreadable phase before you can bring it to a satisfactory completion
  • How to embrace watercolour ”accidents” and give them a place in your work
  • How to use a variety of brushstrokes to give a sense of separate vegetation planes

Uma paints directly, using little to no initial pencil work. She will teach you how to manage the large variety of landscape shapes from largest to smallest. You will become comfortable with the abstract shapes and markings your brushes can make, and to find the rhythm of the shapes to paint efficiently and confidently.

Sign up now to save your spot to watch Uma’s demonstration.  You can ask questions during the demo using the “Chat” feature on Zoom.  The recording of the demonstration will be available until February 10, 2023.

Please note this demonstration starts at 1:00 pm Eastern time and will run for approximately 2 hours.  If you live in another time zone, please adjust your time accordingly. 

Let this demonstration help you paint your own unique response to the landscape, or any subject.

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watercolour painting of desert landscape from above
Take Off Santa Fe, 15×11″, Uma Kelkar

Equipment needed for this demonstration:

Please note, Uma is a very speedy painter. We highly recommend just watching the demonstration with your full attention. Plan to paint along with the recording which will be available for a full two months (to allow for the holiday season)

Download Uma’s full materials list ahead of the demonstration by clicking here.

You will need a robust internet connection to watch this demonstration. Also, it will help to download Zoom on your device (free version of Zoom is fine). Please update your Zoom to the latest version. If you have not downloaded Zoom you can still watch the demonstration in your browser: simply click the link that will be emailed to you in advance of the event.

watercolour painting of green and grey hills
Gatesgarth, direct watercolour, 12×16″, Uma Kelkar, CSPWC

About Uma Kelkar, CSPWC

UMA KELKAR (California, USA) is an entrepreneur+engineer+watercolor painter from San Jose. She is an award winning plein air artist with mastery over multiple media including watercolor, ink, charcoal and digital painting.

Colour harmony, composition and fearlessness to explore topics and media gives her work its unique energy. Having taken part in multiple national and international juried shows, she teaches painting locally and internationally. She is a firm believer in cross-pollination and believes that being an artist makes her a better engineer and being an engineer makes her a better artist.

Uma Kelkar at her easel on location

When Uma is not being an artist, she works in high-speed communications technology and leads engineering teams to find elegant solutions. She is an author of 2 books and contributor to few others. Her art community building journey began in India in her teenage years and currently rests with the global Urban Sketching community. She holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

See more samples of Uma’s stunning watercolours:

Watercolour landscape with a grey cloudy sky and green rolling hills
Stanford Hill, 11×15” watercolour, Uma Kelkar