How Durable are Watercolours?

Watercolours have lasted for hundreds of years. However, they should not be hung in direct sunlight.

What is transparent watercolour?

Artist’s quality watercolour on paper or watercolour board, with minimal use of body colour or other accents.

What is water-based media?

The Society’s definition of this is paint that is resoluble in water (artist’s quality watercolour paint, applied transparently or opaquely; and/or gouache) and there may be a pencil drawing. The paint surface is an organic fibre paper, including watercolour paper mounted on board, with no varnish applied. Only media listed in the definition above are permissible. Application by hand, brush or any tool by the artist, without mechanical assistance. Works on Yupo paper with not be accepted.

Why Plexiglas?

Plexiglas is an alternative glazing material to glass and has advantages for exhibition purposes. It is much lighter than glass, therefore cheaper to ship and easier to hang. It is also much less likely to break, and if it does the shards are duller than glass and less likely to damage the painting. Plexiglas does have drawbacks. It scratches easily and attracts static. It is recommended to use a plastic anti-static cleaning agent, NOT windex