Open Water Juried Exhibition 2019

Open Water 2019

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CSPWC 94th Annual Open Water Juried Exhibition 2019 

is strictly open to submissions painted in Water Based Media as defined in this call for entry. 

Artwork must maintain the character and appearance of watercolour. 

Allowable water medium: artist’s quality watercolour paint, watercolour ink, watercolour crayon, watercolour pencil, workable fixative, gouache (which can be applied transparently and opaquely). The use of a graphite drawing and India Ink are accepted. Only media listed in the definition here are allowed. Egg tempera, Casein, Acrylic and Archival Felt pens are not allowed. 

The paint surface is an organic fiber paper, which includes: Watercolour paper, Watercolour paper glued to wood/composite panel, Watercolour paper glued to canvas, Canvas prepared for watercolour. Yupo is not accepted. 

The painting surface must be protected by Plexiglas, wax or varnish. Glass is not accepted. 

Only media listed in the definition above are permissible. Application must be by hand, brush or any tool by the artist without digital or mechanical assistance. 

Computer generated work will not be accepted. 

The CSPWC/SCPA has been promoting excellence in watercolour through education and exhibitions since 1925