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We Welcome You To This Milestone Event In Saskatchewan

The CSPWC’s annual symposium is open to everyone from beginners to advanced artists. 2023 marks the first time in it’s history that the symposium will be held in Saskatchewan – a truly momentous occasion!

Our workshop instructors and presenters hail from British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan. They are highly qualified professional artists/instructors with diverse perspectives and experiences in water colour.

Symposium attendees will also have a diverse range of interests, skills, and backgrounds. Through an exciting program, you will have opportunities to build on and share interests, knowledge and experiences with one another; as well as learn and refresh your watercolour skills from the instructors.

The week starts with a social event and orientation on Sunday evening. It’s an opportunity to meet instructors, presenters and some CSPWC executive. Get acquainted with their work as well as the week’s program and venues.

An exhibition of work from the participating instructors and CSPWC executive can be viewed Monday through Friday. The six day event offers an array of interesting and exciting studio workshops, en plein air experiences, and presentations from which you can choose.

On Wednesday, don’t miss the Symposium dinner, virtual exhibition on ‘Big Skies Open Spaces’, and engaging discussion on Saskatchewan’s watercolour community. Participate in the ‘Big Skies Open Spaces’ virtual exhibition by sending in a photo of a recent painting based on the theme. Send photos to: bigskiesopenspaces@gmail.com

Prizes awarded to work which best showcases Saskatchewan’s big skies and beautiful landscapes. Photos should be cropped to painting and of good quality. Example of file name: LastName-FirstName-Title-HxW.jpg

Info You Need To Know About This Event

  • Sunday Evening: Opening, late registration and social gathering with a tour of workshop, dinner, exhibition and presentation spaces.
  • Monday and Tuesday: 2-day Studio and En Plein Air workshops. Monday evening presentation by Shari Blaukopf on Urban Sketchers, followed on Tuesday evening with a presentation by Marlene Madole and Jean Peterson on CSPWC history and services.
  • Wednesday: 1-day Studio and Plein Air Workshops.
  • Wednesday Evening: Social, virtual exhibition contest, dinner, watercolour community engagement discussion.
  • Thursday and Friday: More 2-day Studio and Plein Air Workshops.
  • Events: Workshop studios, theatre for presentations, dining, and other, take place at the University of Regina.
  • En Plein Air Experiences: These take place around Wascana Lake and open area near Regina.

Photos of Qu’Appelle Valley Near Regina

Workshop Registration

Registration Opens March 15, 2023

Registration for Studio Workshops, En Plein Air Sessions, and Wednesday Evening Dinner begin March 15, 2023.

Classes are small for easier one on one exchanges with instructors, and for social distancing. They are available on a first come, first served basis.

Choose which Studio and Plein Air sessions you want to attend from the schedule below. See the costs for 1-day (i.e. Wednesday) workshops, and 2-day (i.e. Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday) workshops, as well as for multiple day workshop packages after the following schedule.

Workshop Schedule

Monday & Tuesday

Location Instructor Title 2 Day Event
Studio Alice Bottrill Watercolour: Fresh and Loose July 17-18
Studio Bhupinder Singh Capturing Light & Mood In Watercolour Landscape July 17-18
Plein Air Shari Blaukopf Exploring Cathedral Village July 17-18


Location Instructor Title 1 Day Event
Studio Bhupinder Singh Elements of Landscape in Watercolours July 19
Studio Jean Pederson Wet Glazing July 19
Plein Air Shari Blaukopf Big Skies & Rolling Hills: Painting Landscapes Near Regina July 19
Plein Air Alice Bottrill Fresh and Loose Plein Air July 19

Thursday & Friday

Location Instructor Title 2 Day Event
Studio Jean Pederson Limitless Layering With Water Media July 20-21
Studio Marlene Madole Lakes & Rivers, Reflections & Translucency July 20-21
Plein Air Alice Bottrill Fresh and Loose Plein Air July 20-21

Registration Costs

Fees in Canadian Dollars

Number of Days RegisteredRegular CostEarly Bird Cost (March 15 – May 15)
1 Day$175$175
2 Days$315$290
3 Day Package$425$400
4 Day Package$525$500
5 Day Package$625$600

Wednesday Event Dinner

Dinner, Virtual Exhibition with Prizes, and Engagement on Watercolour Community in Saskatchewan

Don’t forget to register for this exciting get-together with a meal, virtual exhibition, and discussion. The whole event will be $35. If you have sent in a photo of a painting depicting Saskatchewan’s Big Skies and Open Spaces you’ll see it on the screens at dinner. Even if you did not send anything in you can vote on which paintings best exhibit the theme. After the dinner you are invited to participate in a discussion on Saskatchewan’s watercolour community. This is a chance to express your views on how we might become more connected. The evening also offers time to meet others and exchange interests on any topics that may be of interest to you.

Cost $35

Our Instructors & Courses

Alice Bottrill CSPWC | nsartists.ca/alicebottrill

Alice Bottrill is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), International Watercolour Society of Canada and she is the Regional Director of BC and the North for the Canadian Society of Painter’s in Water Colour (CSPWC) (2021-2023). She was Chair of CSPWC Symposium in BC in 2022. Alice has a BA degree in Education. Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous shows locally and internationally. She was invited to do a live demonstration by the International Watercolour Society of Hungary in Budapest in 2018 and she represented Canada in another live demonstration for the International Watercolour Society of Poland in 2019. Alice’s artworks were represented by IAG Gallery in Vancouver and Diana Hall Gallery in Sweden.

Alice paints fresh and loose in an impressionistic style with spontaneity and expressive brush strokes. She takes on new challenges by exploring different subject matters and continues to push the boundaries of this medium.

Alice has a passion for teaching watercolour, instructing to all levels. She focuses on artistic development and strives to help participants paint effectively. Her workshops are described as inspirational, interactive and enjoyable.

Watercolour: Fresh & Loose – Studio

– 2 Day Studio with Alice Bottrill – Monday & Tuesday

This two-day workshop will be inspiring and motivational to artists of all levels working in traditional and nontraditional ways.

Using a loose impressionistic style, the instructor shows how to break down the painting process into 3 to 4 steps using different watercolour techniques from: composition, value studies, wet on wet washes, defining shapes and forms and dry brush effects, to complete a compelling painting.

Subject matters will be a landscape/seascape or cityscape. The instructor will demonstrate each step, in a simple way, using her own reference photo. Participants will have the option of using their own images. The instructor will give personal guidance throughout the workshop from the beginning to the finished painting. Participants are encouraged to paint using their imagination or through self-expression.

To keep the painting fresh and loose, participants will be shown how to use broad washes with minimum brush strokes and how to avoid overworking a painting with too many layers of paint.

Watercolour: Fresh & Loose – Plein Air

– 1 Day Plein Air With Alice Bottrill – Wednesday

This one day condensed version of instructor’s two day plein air workshop offers artists an opportunity to learn the basics for plein air painting working quickly and loosely to bring out the values and essence of the subject.

Watercolour: Fresh & Loose – Plein Air

– 2 Day Plein Air with Alice Bottrill – Thursday & Friday

This two-day workshop is intended to inspire and motivate artists of all levels to experience the many possibilities of taking their studio outdoors to paint directly from nature. The workshop will help guide the artist through the important steps in en plein air painting. With the instructor’s help you will see the benefits of finding a site with a good range of values, lights and shadows, and a strong contrast of light and dark.

The session will emphasize the importance of visualizing the range of values depicted in the scene, from light to dark and mid-tone, and of choosing certain colours to achieve the best results.

The instructor will demonstrate her process of painting on location from composition to a finished painting. After a few plein air sessions, you will gain confidence and may be able to produce some real gems. A good plein air painting shows its authentic expression beyond techniques.

Bhupinder Singh CSPWC | www.bhupi.ca

Bhupinder Singh was born and raised in India. He is a self taught professional artist and instructor with a home studio in Regina, Saskatchewan. He works primarily in Water media and is a signature member of Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC). He actively participates in learning and educating himself with anything and everything relevant to art. Growing up he won several awards for his artwork which include not only paintings but drawings and sculptures as well. He regularly participates in various local art fairs and continues to successively sell his work across the globe. He signs his work as ‘Kaké’.

My love for nature and in particular, the prairies, lead me to start painting the local landscapes of Saskatchewan (Central prairie Province of Canada), where I currently reside. Also known as “The land of Living Skies”, Saskatchewan offers a huge opportunity for me as an artist to explore the vast natural spaces. My landscape paintings of the prairies capture both the natural and man-made treasures of the land which are not so obvious to the new and untrained eyes. My paintings reflect my emotional responses to the visual poetry of the ever changing drama in the prairie skies, which have a huge impact on the land below.

My Sikh paintings primarily reflect my ideas of Sikh history from what I learnt from the elders. Often they depict historical scenes, figures or places. My subjects are not restricted to any particular theme. I like to experiment through simplification of colour, subject and composition or combination of all.

Capturing Light & Mood In Watercolour Landscape – Studio

– 2 Day Studio with Bhupinder Singh – Monday & Tuesday

Light and mood are so important in working with watercolours. They can bring your art alive making it stand out with the feeling that you have put into it. This helps the viewer connect with the subject emotionally and visually.

In this two day class, you will learn to paint an Atmospheric watercolour Landscape filled with Light! Past experience in any traditional art media or general drawing skills would be a great asset but not essential. Bhupinder will walk you through the demo both collectively and individually.

Elements of Landscape in Watercolours – Studio

– 1 Day Studio With Bhupinder Singh – Wednesday

This one day class is intended to introduce you to watercolour or refresh your current knowledge of watercolours. You will explore the foundation techniques of watercolour painting. Instruction will include techniques such as the basics of brushstrokes, washes, wet into wet etc. No experience is required. At the end of the day we will finish a classic Sask farmhouse – an icon of Saskatchewan!

Marlene Madole CSPWC | williamsmill.com/marlene-madole

Marlene Madole Life Member CSPWC, President (2023-2025 & 2007-2009)

Marlene has instructed at some of Ontario’s premier cultural institutions –including the Royal Ontario Museum, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Varley Art Gallery, and the Ontario Science Centre. As the incoming CSPWC President (her second term), and Chair of the Diploma Collection & Archives, Marlene researched, wrote, and presented a lecture on the CSPWC’s early history (Silver Talk – the CSPWC’s First 25 Years), and curated a special CSPWC visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario vaults to view watercolour paintings by CPSWC Charter Members.

She was selected for Artist in the Park, Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Marlene has received several Ontario Arts Council’s Visual Arts Grants, as well as the City of Brampton Arts Acclaim Award. Her watercolour paintings and woodcuts are in public and private collections in Canada, USA, Switzerland, and England. Marlene Madole exhibited for five years in a row in the juried Open Water, with group exhibitions in Mexico, France, California, Vancouver, Toronto, as well as the public art galleries in Halton and Peel. Born on BC’s Vancouver Island, Marlene grew up from coast to coast, first to Prince Edward Island, then along Lake Ontario, and from there on the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta. A graduate of the three-year Diploma in Interpretive Illustration Program at Sheridan College. The Ontario Arts Council sponsored Marlene as an Artist-Educator for Learning Through the Arts offered by The Royal Conservatory. Since 1995, Marlene has operated a visual art studio / gallery at the Williams Mill Creative Arts Centre on the Credit River.

Lakes & Rivers – Reflections & Translucency

–  2 Day Studio with Marlene Madole Thursday – Friday

Water is a fascination for most. Looking down at a lake or river’s edge – how to paint objects submerged in the shallows? Surrounded by water, lakes, rivers, creeks, islands, this is the history of Canada, and the path to our settlements.

Using layering, starting with a wet-on-wet technique assisted by gravity, then finishing with Direct Painting. Whether painting a sandy shore or a rocky edge this same approach can be used.

Students bring your own reference material. Think of a lake or river that has meaning for you. Consider the time of day – often sunrise or sunset reflected in a still waterway is a compelling painting subject.

The instructor has taught beginners to masterclasses. A few small sample watercolour techniques will be practiced before working on our half-sheet painting projects.

Jean Pederson CSPWC, AWS, SFCA, NWS, TWSA, SCWA | jeanpederson.com

2013 Recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal ,Jean Pederson is an accomplished and innovative artist, author and educator working in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media.

Jean has authored two instructional books, contributed to many publications and developed several DVDs. Her work has been featured in too many periodicals to list, a contributor to many of the Splash series and other books, participated as a guest blogger for the Artist Network and is a sought after exhibition juror.

Ms. Pederson has received numerous awards nationally and internationally and whose work is included in the Royal Collection in Windsor, England and the International Watercolor Museum in Fabriano, Italy.

Jean was the first recipient of the Federation of Canadian Artists Early Achievement Award, received The Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Canada Council of the Arts.

Wet Glazing – Studio

– 1 Day Studio with Jean Pederson – Wednesday

Learn to control watercolours on a wet vertical surface! You will be able to create luminous watercolours using Jeans wet glazing technique! We will start with simple shapes and move to more complex designs. Bring your own reference material and your Phone or Pad to assist with simplifying your photos or sketches.

Limitless Layering with Water Media – Studio

– 2 Day Studio with Jean Pederson – Thursday & Friday

This course will open the door into the exploration of various combinations mixed media with an emphasis on water soluble paints and mediums. You will be encouraged to take risks and work beyond your traditional practice.

We will be mixing it up by exploring how everything from watercolour to gouache, gesso, acrylics, inks, and mark making tools, can work together or separately to create your next masterpiece on paper.

These Techniques can be applied to a variety of subject matter and styles and surfaces to create your own unique artistic statement.

Shari Blaukopf CSPWC | shariblaukopf.com

Shari Blaukopf, a Montreal-based painter, teacher, author and art blogger, is best known for her urban scenes in watercolour. She has a BFA from Concordia University with a specialization in graphic design, but her true love has always been watercolour painting. Her paintings are in corporate, government and private collections in Canada, the United States and abroad. She travels widely to paint and to share her distinctive approach in workshops devoted to sketching and painting en plein air.

Shari is a correspondent for UrbanSketchers.org, co-founder of Urban Sketchers Montreal, and signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. Her sketches have been featured in dozens of books on urban sketching. You can find her online courses at Learn.ShariBlaukopf.com and Craftsy.com. Her book, The Urban Sketching Handbook: Working with Color, was published in 2019 by Quarry Books. She has given many watercolour workshops both on her own and through the Urban Sketchers Workshop Program in North America, Europe and Asia.

Exploring Cathedral Village

– 2 Day Plein Air with Shari Blaukopf – Monday & Tuesday

Shari Blaukopf has been sketching urban scenes in her hometown of Montreal, and during her travels for over a decade. In this workshop we’ll explore and paint the historic streetscapes of one of Regina’s most vibrant and revitalized neighbourhoods: Cathedral Village.

This structured workshop will cover good value planning; establishing a well-designed composition; distilling complex subjects to their essence; mixing clean colors; capturing plays of light and shadow; and preserving whites. Each day will begin with a demonstration and conclude with a group review. Demos will include value sketches, watercolor techniques and brushwork. Participants will receive plenty of individual painting time and personalized feedback.

Big Skies and Rolling Hills: Painting the Landscapes Near Regina

– 1 Day Plein Air Instruction With Shari Blaukopf – Wednesday

Landscape will be the focus of this one-day workshop, as we capture the big skies, rolling hills and river views of Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley, or other areas close by.

This structured workshop will cover good value planning; establishing a well-designed composition; distilling complex subjects to their essence; mixing clean colors; capturing plays of light and shadow; and preserving whites. The day will begin with a demonstration and conclude with a group review. Demos will include value sketches, watercolor techniques and brushwork. Participants will receive plenty of individual painting time and personalized feedback.

Questions About Events or Registration

Please Contact…

Cancellation Policy

  • Participants who wish to cancel their place in any workshop must notify CSPWC/SCPA office in writing to qualify for refunds.
  • Cancellations on or before July 1 will receive a refund, minus a $50 non- refundable deposit.
  • Cancellations after July 1 will not receive any refund.
  • If the CSPWC cancels any workshop or plein air session, signed up participant will have a choice of a second available replacement or a full refund paid back to the participant.

Location & Accommodations

All participants are to arrange their own hotel or other accommodations and meals. The Atlas Hotel located at 4177 Albert Street South, Regina; the Holiday Inn Express Regina at 4255 Albert Street South, Regina; Luther College; and University of Regina have all offered participants to the CSPWC symposium special rates for this event and have kindly set aside blocks of rooms from which to choose. You may choose one of these options or any other option of your choosing.

Reduced Rates

– Only available until June 16, 2023

Special Booking Instructions

– Please Reference you are a ‘CSPWC Symposium Registrant’

Contact Accommodation

University of Regina

Single Dorms, 2/3/4 bedroom apartments

Contact Hospitality Services at the University of Regina: hospitality.services@uregina.ca


University Dorms

Basic private bedroom, private bathroom, single bed, desk and chair, closet, and dresser

  • Does not include a TV or fridge.
  • Free WiFi, basic toiletries, towels and linens.
  • Private washrooms and shared (with adjoining dorm) washroom options with shower and a few with bath.
  • $74/night plus tax for singles.
  • Meals not included, but available on campus with just a short walk, is either Luther College buffet cafeteria or in main building close to workshops.

2/3/4-Bedroom Apartment: Up to four private bedrooms, each with single bed

  • A full kitchen can be equipped with basic dishes, pots & pans, and flatware upon request for a nominal fee (based on availability).
  • The living room and dining room seats up to four.
  • Two washrooms located in the apartment.
  • Sleeps a maximum of four guests.
  • Free WiFi, basic toiletries, towels and linens are included with each room.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment – $200/ night plus tax with access to all rooms in the apartment.
  • 3 bedroom Apartment – $300/ night plus tax with access to all rooms in the apartment.
  • 4 bedroom Apartment – $395/ night plus tax with access to all rooms in the apartment.

Deluxe Suite with Private Washroom

  • Double bed with upgraded linens as well as a private washroom with hairdryer, bathrobes and slippers.
  • Room has a separate living room.
  • Flat screen TV, mini-fridge, coffee machine, complimentary WiFi, and VIP toiletries.
  • Sleeps a maximum of two guests.
  • $103/night plus tax.

Added Information

  • All options located on Campus.
  • Close to workshops and small range of services.
  • Walking distance to pizza and a few other services.
  • Short drive to downtown and other services.

Luther College Single Dorms

Furnished Residence Rooms – $89 per person per night (plus taxes)

Contact Brian Broqueza: (306)-206-2074 | brian.broqueza@uregina.ca

  • Each single occupancy room comes with a Twin XL bed with mattress, nightstand, desk, shelving, closet and under-bed drawer space, and large fresh-air window.
  • Each room also has free wi-fi, linens and towels, and access to do laundry for free at Luther College.
  • Three meals on weekdays and two meals on weekends.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Contact Anita: (306)-789-5888

  • Options for Queen and king beds
  • Free WiFi, Fitness Centre, restaurant, bar, and other
  • 8 minute drive to Downtown Regina.
  • 10 minute drive to The University of Regina, Wascana Park and Regina International Airport
  • 2-3 minute drive or 10-12 minute walk to MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • Short walk and drive to several restaurants
  • $130/night
  • Includes standard breakfast of Holiday Inn Express

Atlas Hotel

Contact Catherine: (306)-586-3443

  • Options for Queen and King beds.
  • WIFI, 50” flat-screen TVs, Celtic pub, family-friendly restaurant.
  • Indoor water park featuring water slides, pool and spray pad.
  • Free parking, free Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour gym.
  • 8 minute drive to Downtown Regina.
  • 10 minute drive to The University of Regina, Wascana Park and Regina International Airport.
  • Short walk and drive to several restaurants.
  • $140/night.
  • 2-3 minute drive, 10-12 minute walk to MacKenzie Art Gallery.

We Look Forward To Having You Join Us!

Space Is Limited – Be Sure To Book Early



CSPWC extends a very heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors to this event.

Local Organization Committee

Tom Young, Linda Fox, Larry Jackson, Jason Scott, Hazel Zaharik

Special Thanks To

David Garneau, Head Visual Arts, University of Regina 
Technical and Technological Assistance:  Norman Choo CSPWC, Poppy Balser CSPWC.
Administrative Support: Janet Tovey CSPWC
Graphic Design: Ken Faulks CSPWC

Sam Boehner, Past President CSPWC (May 2023)
Marlene Madole, President CSPWC (May 2023)

The University of Regina

We thank the University of Regina, Visual Arts Department, and Facilities Services for their services and generous contributions, including free workshops space, and theatre events, equipment and other assistance. We also thank Atlas Hotels and Holiday Inn Express Regina for consideration of their special rates and services.

Our Sponsors

We extend a Big Thanks to Our Sponsors, for their generous contributions gifts and donations to make this event memorable and successful.

Download Brochure in PDF

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