Board of Directors 2021-22

President – Sam L. Boehner 

1st Vice President – Marlene Madole 

2nd Vice President – Poppy Balser 

Treasurer – Vacant 

Past President – Jean Pederson 


Director – Deanna Beaujot

Director – Wendy Hoffmann 

Director – Anthony Saldutto 

Director – Brittney Tough 

Director – Jennifer Annesley 

Director – Missy Acker 

Regional Directors: 

BC and the North – Alice Bottrill 

Alberta and the Prairies – Brent Laycock 

Northern Ontario – Ellen Catherwood 

Central Ontario – Vacant 

Western Ontario – Anita Wood 

Atlantic Region – Helen Shideler 

Quebec Region – Shari Blaukopf 

East Ontario Regional Director – Vacant 


Open Water Chair, Awards Chair Open Water – Jennifer Annesley 

Awards Review Chair – Carol Westcott 

Members Exhibitions Chair – Vacant 

2025 100th Anniversary Royal Collection Projects Chair – Linda Kemp 

Events Chair – Vacant 

Publicity Chair – Vacant

Social Media – Deanna Beaujot 

Website – Norman Choo 

Newsletter Chair – Vacant 

Education Chair – Poppy Balser 

Fundraising, Chair Corporate – Vacant 

Fundraising, Chair Sponsorship – Vacant 

Fundraising, Chair Foundations & Grants – Vacant 

Membership Chair – Missy Acker 

Membership Committee Applicants Jury Chair – Elizabeth Gilbert 

Associates Liaison – Vacant

Archives Chair – Marlene Madole 

CSPWC Diploma Collection Chair – Marlene Madole 

John B. Aird Gallery Representative – Ellen Catherwood 

Social Secretary – Vacant 

Nominating Committee – Marlene Madole, One Vacancy to be filled 


The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC) was founded in 1925 by some of the most illustrious artists in Canadian art history who passionately believed in the importance of watercolour as a medium. The CSPWC encourages experimentation while honouring the transparent tradition of the medium.

With a strong base of volunteers, the CSPWC:

  • honours excellence in watercolour through Open Water an annual juried exhibition with major awards, open to all artists.
  • presents regional, national and international exhibitions of work by members.
  • organizes workshops and demonstrations across the country.
  • collects contemporary and historical Canadian watercolours.
  • Education is an important part of our mandate. Since 1991 we have been sponsoring Awards for Excellence in Watercolour at Colleges of Art & Design in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta. There is also the Ethel Racius Award available at the high school level.


CSPWC meeting in the Library of the Grange Toronto c.1932. Left-to-right - Joachim Gauthier, Franklin Carmichael, A.J.Casson, Thomas W. MacLean, and Conyers Barker - Photograph by Charles Comfort

CSPWC meeting in the Library of the Grange, Toronto c. 1932.

Left to right: Joachim Gauthier, Franklin Carmichael, A.J.Casson, Thomas W. MacLean and Conyers Barker.

Photograph by Charles Comfort.