Payments for members who have been with CSPWC for 35 plus years.

Membership Fees are half our regular fee for any member with more than 35 years with CSPWC.

The total of $62.50 is due each January.

Click the button below to pay by credit card through PayPal.

If you prefer to mail a cheque to our office, please print and fill in the form here: DUES RENEWAL FORM and mail it with your cheque, payable to CSPWC, for $62.50 to:

CSPWC, 80 Birmingham St. #B3, Etobicoke ON M8V 3W6

Should you wish to make a donation to CSPWC please use this button and select the amount you wish to donate. As we are a registered charity, you will receive a recipe from the office by email.

Details to donate by mail:  Send your cheque to CSPWC, 80 Birmingham St. B3, Etobicoke ON M8V 3W6   Payable to CSPWC.

Thank you.