Glowing Florals

Announcing Glowing Florals, an online watercolour demonstration with Shelley Prior, CSPWC

An ONLINE watercolour demonstration with Shelley Prior, CSPWC

Paint the delicate and light filled structures of an intricate floral portrait

March 27, 2024, 7 pm Eastern Time

$20 CSPWC Members and Associates, $25 non-members

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How do you paint flowers that glow with light and burst with life?

With this demonstration Shelley will create the delicate translucency and glow of petals. The background will be simplified and made to appear out-of-focus to create depth, contrast and to make the flower more luminous and fresh. Participants will learn more about planning, colour temperature, value, creating smooth, graded washes and rich colour, with a strong emphasis on control of water.

As Shelley demonstrates painting this woodland columbine you will learn how to:

  • Plan your painting for maximum visual effect
  • Preserve your light areas from the start with accurate masking methods
  • Create smooth graded washes
  • Create a translucent glowing light in your subject
  • Make dark rich colours
photograph of a woodland columbine with pink and yellow petals. This is a photo reference for a watercolour demonstration by Shelley Prior, CSPWC
Watch as Shelley demonstrates painting this woodland columbine blossom

Even if you are not a realistic painter, these tools can help you narrow your focus and observe the key details of translucent subjects, skills which will easily translate to impressionistic paintings. Shelley will show you how using the play between contrasting values will give the luminous effect you’re looking for.

Sign up now to reserve a spot to watch Shelley’s demonstration.  You can ask questions during the demo using the “Chat” feature on Zoom.  The recording of the demonstration will be available until May 12, 2024.

Please note this demonstration starts at 7:00 pm Eastern time and will run for approximately 2 hours.  If you live in another time zone, please adjust your time accordingly. 

Let this demonstration help you approach beautiful flowers with the skills you need to paint them. These same skills can be used on everything from still lifes to portraits to features in a landscape painting.

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watercolour painting of a closeup view of a red tulip with a yellow center
The Grand Opening, Shelley Prior, watercolour, 10×8″

Equipment needed for the demonstration:

Download Shelley’s full materials list ahead of the demonstration by clicking here.

You will need a robust internet connection to watch this demonstration. Also, it will help to download Zoom on your device (free version of Zoom is fine). Please update your Zoom to the latest version. If you have not downloaded Zoom you can still watch the demonstration in your browser: simply click the link that will be emailed to you in advance of the event.

watercolour painting of a closeup view of purple crocus blossoms, bathed in spring sunshine, by Shelley Prior CSPWC
Gleaming silver, reflecting its surroundings by Shelley Prior

About Shelley Prior, CSPWC

Shelley Prior is a full-time, award winning watercolourist hailing from Burlington, Ontario. Whether portrait, floral, landscape or still life, her paintings tend to be highly realistic.

Shelley has been teaching for 30+ years both in-person and online, typically within the greater Toronto area. She has also produced educational videos with Streamline Artists. She is an elected member of CSPWC and has won numerous awards for her work, both locally and
internationally. She has been published in several art magazines. You can find her on facebook and instagram using the handle @shelleypriorfineart

Photo of Shelley Prior, Canadian watercolour artist
watercolour painting of a closeup view of a white magnolia, set in a garden setting, bathed in spring sunshine
Reaching for the Sky, Shelley Prior, CSPWC, watercolour, 10×8″